An All-White User Interface for the YouTube Mobile App Could be in the Works

youtube white
Courtesy Android Police
Courtesy Android Police

Just a few hours ago the headlines were all about the new YouTube look on desktop. Google updated YouTube to a modern material design user interface (UI) and I must say, this new look is superb, especially in dark mode.

It seems that Google isn’t done and the company is working on a refresh of YouTube’s mobile app UI. Reports from Android Police state that Google could soon release an update that will get rid of all the red we see on the YouTube mobile app.

I am not sure how I feel about this news, considering that we have gotten used to the color red on the YouTube app. Plus, the high-contrast look will be a recipe for disaster when it comes to using the app in a low lit room. Here are screenshots of the new UI:

youtube bottom navigation
Courtesy Android Police

Android Police also states that Google could move the navigation bar within the YouTube app to the bottom as seen above. There is no official word from Google or the team behind YouTube, so all we have to do, is sit back, relax and wait.


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