OPPO R9s is the World’s Best-Selling Android Device in Q1 2017


Do you know OPPO? No? Then you’re not of this world. OPPO is a company that has surprised many people when Strategy Analytics research revealed that the company sold more R9s devices than any other Android device.

Obviously, OPPO didn’t beat Apple, as the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus were the overall best-selling devices in the world.

According to the report, global smartphone shipments hit 353.3 million units in the first quarter of 2017. The iPhone 7 is estimated to have shipped 21.5 million units while the iPhone 7 Plus shipped 17.4 million units (and y’all thought people loved big phones).

OPPO sold 8.9 million R9s units to take up the third place globally in smartphone shipments.

You might question the report since well, it isn’t Samsung leading this time but keep in mind that OPPO is a big deal in China and India – the largest smartphone markets in the world.

Samsung wasn’t left out in the cold however, as the Galaxy J3 (2016) and Galaxy J5 (2016) sold 6.1 million units and 5 million units respectively. Someone may ask, what about the Galaxy S8? Well, the S8 started selling in Q2 2017, we’ll have to wait a couple of months to find out whether that changes anything in terms of ranking.

Seeing that the top sellers from both Apple (iPhone 7) and Samsung (Galaxy J3) are the “smaller” devices in terms of size, I will go ahead and safely say that a big percentage of the world still prefers having a small phone that they can easily use in one hand.

What would be interesting to know is, where is Huawei?

SOURCEStrategy Analytics
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  1. Interesting. The Samsung phones in the top are both mid range devices suggesting that mid range devices still do well.

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