Airtel Kenya’s New Amazing Data Bundles Are Music to Our Ears


Airtel Kenya is already known for having affordable data bundles, especially with their Unliminet package. The company even made a play at voice calls with Tubonge bundles and now they have a new data package dubbed “Amazing Data Bundles”.

With no trending hashtags, press statements or any form of advertisement, Airtel Kenya has made the Amazing Data Bundles public unceremoniously.

The new rates are quite something, with the bundles starting at Ksh. 5 for 8MB valid for 24 hours all the way to Ksh. 9,000 for 70GB valid for 90 days. Previously one would get 250MB for 100 bob valid for 7 days and now the same amount and validity period gets you 350MB. 500 bob monthly would get you 1.2GB and now that gets you 2GB. Here’s a full list of the new bundles with their corresponding prices and validity period:

To access the new Amazing Data Bundle, dial *544# and select option 1.

However, the new bundles didn’t just bring good tidings but they also took something away. Airtel Kenya has scrapped the free WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter that one would get when they deplete their data bundle, this is despite implementing a 100MB cap for this freebie a few months ago.

I know this won’t sit well with some subscribers who loved the Unliminet package due to this, however, Airtel Kenya argues that you get more MBs with the Amazing bundles and therefore there’s no need for free stuff. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

In my opinion, getting a few more MBs that I can use flexibly (no pun intended) is a better option (again, not a pun) as opposed to the free social media capped at 100MB, but let’s wait for the outcry to start on Twitter.


  1. Did you guys forget that if you want unlimited internet with airtel just buy the airtel modem daily or weekly, you can watch Netflix the whole day with just 100 Bob

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