Airtel Kenya Seems to Have Quietly Adjusted Unliminet Bundles



In February 2015, Airtel Kenya unveiled a new data offering called Unliminet. Unliminet offered cheaper data bundle offerings besides giving social media users the promise of uninterrupted access to their favourite social networks long after they’ve exhausted their daily, weekly or monthly bundle subscription. The launch of Unmined had a dramatic effect on the adoption of Airtel’s internet bundle offering.  According to the Communications Authority of Kenya quarterly statistics report for the period between January and March 2015, Airtel saw its subscribers growing to 3.4 million from 2.3 million. The telco’s market share also grew to 18.5% from 14.6%.

Early in the year, Airtel unveiled Unliminet 2.0, which was marked with the launch of “Unliminet 20 Bundle”. The bundle offered clients 20 SMS, 20 MB of data and 8 minutes of calls across all networks with a 24-hour validity. The company also unveiled a weekly and monthly bundle on its Unliminet plan for customers where for Kshs. 50/= customers enjoy 10 minutes of calls, 50 SMS, and 65 MB of data weekly. For Kshs. 500, customers enjoy 1GB of data, 100 free minutes and 500 SMS.  Below are the new bundles.

According to Techweez’s Emmanuel Chenze, Airtel seems to have adjusted its Unliminet offerings downwards, which means the bundles have been lowered. Below is a breakdown of the new offerings

UnlimiNET Bundle Price in Kshs. Old Bundles in MB New Volume in MB
Unliminet Weekly 50 65 50
Unliminet Weekly 250 500 350
Unliminet Weekly 500 1500 (1.5GB) 750
Unliminet Monthly 500 1000 (1GB) 500
Unliminet Monthly 1000 3000 (3GB) 2000 (2 GB)
Unliminet Monthly 2000 7,500 (7.5GB) 4000 (4GB)

We sought a comment from Airtel Kenya on the same and we shall update as soon as we get a comment from them.

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  1. These telcos just s***k. They introduce fake “permanent offers” just to rope in subscribers and once they are comfortable that enough people have been hoodwinked, they revert back to their old ways. You can be sure that Airtel will come up with another “offer” sometimes next year after some subscribers flee. The other day another telco purported to offer free bundles based on the number of years one has been on their network. To get the bundles you had to download their buggy and unresponsive app, with bundles expiring after 24hrs. Their useless app made sure that most subscribers missed out on the “offer”. Everything in Kenya seems to be “connish”

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