Trump’s Typo “Covfefe” Confuses And Delights Twitter in Equal Measure

He has since deleted the tweet

Donald Trump demonstrates his tweeting skills in his office at Trump Tower in New York, Sept. 29, 2015. (Josh Haner/The New York Times)

The Presidency is an institution that generates a lot of interest from the citizens since everything the President does is scrutinized and criticized to the last detail.

Trump is one of the most prolific Twitter users and being the current President, the amount of scrutiny on his tweets is usually immense and it is partly thanks to his rather eccentric tweets.

Well today, Trump tweeted this statement below which became instantly viral thanks to a hilarious typo at the end.

He sent that tweet at 7:06AM East African Time which was 12:06am Eastern Time which you can assume was the last thing he tweeted before going to sleep. However, in that short time the tweet has been live, it has garnered quite the commotion on Twitter where it started by people trying to figure out what covfefe meant.

The Russian reference had to be made.

I hate the Internet

Or maybe an aide took his phone from him

He maybe wanted to say covfefe

Well others thought it was a typo for “coffee”

Even Dictionaries were perplexed by people searching for the term

It even got an explanation on Urban Dictionary

This typo even went beyond Twitter where someone created a subreddit based on it.

Well this lady said her dad decided to book a numberplate based on the ridiculous typo

A ‘new’ Pokemon that suspiciously looks like Trump

A Twitter account with the same name was created

Someone even registered a domain name

However, this guy is probably right. He meant to write coverage, but still the typo is funnier.

But as the comic strip below illustrates, the typo sure did keep the Internet busy. Great work Trump!

Well, after all the kerfuffle the tweet made on Twitter, Trump has now deleted the tweet.

[Update] Trump has joked about the whole situation

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