Online Money Transfer Solution WorldRemit Introduces Android Pay

WorldRemit Money in safe hands

WorldRemit Money in safe hands

WorldRemit, an organization that provides solutions for sending money online, has announced a brand new partnership with Android Pay. This is an exciting ground to adopt because it will give a new way of sending digital money to more than 112 million mobile money accounts through WorldRemit.

The integration of the solution to Android Pay went live a few hours ago at WorldRemit’s main office in London, United Kingdom. Part of the launch is motivated by WorldRemit’s focus to bring together influential mobile payment solutions in key markets such as Silicon Valley and Sub-Saharan Africa. It should be noted that the mobile money industry guns more than $600 billion of annual remittance.

Announced at the MoneyConf2017 event that discusses global fintech and financial services, WorldRemit, which operates in over 140 countries, urges Android Pay users to use its services thanks to its industry-leading technology that protects customers’ money with guaranteed safety. Its safety is backed by government regulators who have licensed the organization. It will also make WorldRemit the only remittance provider that services payments through Android Pay in the world.

The service does not need 3G or a Wi-Fi connection to work, a feat that is coupled by instant transfer of funds in 5 short taps that renders entering credit card detail obsolete.

Android Pay Steps
Android Pay Steps with WorldRemit

Since Android Pay is widely supported by leading industry standard tokenization, payments go through a virtual account number, meaning, topnotch security.

According to the organization’s VP of Product, Alice Newton-Rex, the move is in line with technological leaps such as the popularity of Android OS.

“Currently 60% of WorldRemit app users are on Android, which is also by far the most popular mobile operating system in the developing world, where 2 billion people are still unbanked, but critically half a billion use their mobiles as a bank account.

“This integration with Android Pay is the next logical step of our mobile first approach, and continues our commitment to providing greater financial inclusion.”

The Director of Product Management at Google, Pali Bhat, insisted that Android Pay is a simplified solution that speeds up checkout.

“We want to make it easier for organizations like WorldRemit to offer a simpler, faster in-app payment solution for their customers. With Android Pay, people will be able to speed through checkout with their Android phones in a few clicks.”

WorldRemit customers perform transactions in the excess of 600,000 every month.

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