Microsoft Lit the Spotlight On 21 East African Entrepreneurs To Be Awarded Insiders4Good Fellowships


Microsoft’s Insiders4Good program was launched in partnership with Growth africa to support the ideas of promising entrepreneurs to become a reality.

This year, they will award 21 East African entrepreneurs from Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda. The entrepreneurs addressed critical social challenges like access to credit for small businesses, digital divide in rural areas, youth unemployment and communication to refugees. The winners were also selected on the basis of how innovative their idea was, strength of their proposals and the potential for it to make a positive impact.

“We were impressed by the problem-solving ideas of the East African Fellowship cohort. Many have identified opportunities to tackle longstanding social challenges through recent technological trends, such as mobile phone penetration and digital data. We look forward to working with the East African #Insiders4Good Fellows, helping them achieve their goals, and learning about their challenges and creative approaches to realizing their visions,” Bambo Sofola, Microsoft Director of Software Engineering said during a press event in Nairobi.”

Each fellow will get a suite of Microsoft hardware and software plus 6 months of tailored technical and strategic mentorship from local and international leaders. This is an intensive bootcamp where they will work with Microsoft and GrowthAfrica to build a foundation of business skills and mindsets, setting goals and creating a roadmap for achieving these goals.

The 21 Insiders4Good Fellows From East Africa are:

  1. Peter AckechMensa Healthcare – Nairobi, Kenya

Mensa Healthcare’s smartcard-based information management system enables the centralized storage of digital records for patients and hospitals while providing actionable data to government agencies, public health organizations, and pharmaceutical companies.

  1. Collince OseweChanjo Plus – Nairobi, Kenya

Chanjo Plus helps parents keep track of their children’s vaccination schedules and aggregates data so that vaccine supplies can be matched to local needs, thereby reducing vaccine wastage.

  1. Onyancha Chrispinus,clinicPesa – Kampala, Uganda

Leveraging the popularity and existing infrastructure of mobile money, clinicPesa enables individuals to conveniently set aside funds for future health services through their mobile phones.

  1. Caleb NdakaKids Comp Camp – Nairobi, Kenya

Kids Comp Camp is a mobile coding and ICT training unit aimed at helping youth in technology-scarce areas gain computer science skills and enhance their employability.

  1. Alfred OngereSahibu – Nairobi, Kenya

Sahibu offers refugees in camps an SMS communication platform so that they can build connections with each other, share their stories and concerns, and access crucial information.

  1. Nickson KariukiSpurred– Nairobi, Kenya

Spurred’s platform provides a simple, convenient way for customers to contribute a portion of their points from loyalty programs towards the humanitarian projects they care about most.

  1. Wilson Mnyabwilo, Infoshule –Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

Infoshule’s mobile platform enables parents to access the academic records of their children at any time, message teachers, and use mobile payments for school fees.

  1. Edgar Mwampinge, – Dar es salaam, Tanzania makes it easier for startups and freelancers to succeed by connecting them with businesses and office owners who want to share their working spaces and meeting rooms.

  1. Ange UwambajimanaIV Drip Alert – Kigali, Rwanda

IV Drip Alert enables nurses to more easily manage intravenous fluids through a wireless alert system, reducing the risk of complications caused by empty IV bags.

  1. Job NdiangomobScore – Arusha, Tanzania

mobScore produces reliable credit scores by analyzing user data from mobile banking and enables Tanzanians to secure affordable loans.

  1. John MugendiLyons Analytics – Nairobi, Kenya

Lyons Analytics proposes to develop a predictive and prescriptive system that uses machine learning to track the progression of breast cancer from onset to late stages.

  1. Rosine Mwiseneza, Ivomerere– Kigal, Rwanda

Ivomerere’s irrigation solution enables farmers to manage their watering systems automatically and irrigate only when needed.

  1. Irving Amukasa, Sophie Bot – Nairobi, Kenya

Sophie Bot is an artificial intelligence persona that answers questions about sexual health, providing private, curated, and verified information from UNFPA Kenya and the National AIDS Control Council.

  1. Ronald Sebuhinja KSchoolMaster Solutions – Kampala, Uganda

SchoolMaster Solutions’ management software enables East African schools to use efficient digital systems to manage records and reduce personnel time as result.

  1. Peter Njeri, Mega Gas – Hamisi, Kenya

Mega Gas refines unsorted polythene/plastic waste into clean cooking gas through a process that creates no emissions, residue, or pollution to the environment.

  1. Leah Otieno,Mshonaji of Mtaalamu Group Limited – Nairobi, Kenya

Mshonaji’s platform connects tailors to an expanded base of customers through reviews, an e-commerce portal, and sophisticated profile and search functions.

  1. Chris BarakaSMART Insider Cheetahs – Nairobi, Kenya

The SMART Insider Cheetah project jumpstarts affordable internet connectivity to rural and remote areas by becoming a wireless ISP in partnership with Value-Added Resellers that serve early adopters like schools, tourism lodges, police stations, and medical and military centers.

  1. Francis Xavier AsiimweKRHF Managed Telemedicine Hub – Ibanda, Uganda

KRHF’s telemedicine hub provides a network of rural clinics with remote access to the services of qualified medical professionals.

  1. Agnes NyamburaGawana – Nairobi, Kenya

Gawana is a long distance ridesharing mobile platform that enables travelers in East Africa to share long distance journeys and split the cost of fuel.

  1. Brendah Nantongo ,Fem Care – Bweyogerere, Uganda

Fem Care is a device designed like a phone that provides women with verified information about maternal, reproductive, and child health, delivered in their own language.

  1. Festus OkumuAzali of Mayol Ltd – Nairobi, Kenya

Azali is a mobile based money lending platform that connects borrowers to a multitude of lenders, including small lenders like chamas and SACCOs.