Check Out These Paid Apps That Are Free For the Moment

Play Store

Android’s Google Play Store is littered with millions of apps, and it may get a little messy if you are looking for a particular app. Say you want an SMS replacement app; a quick search will overwhelm you with tens of SMS solutions. It is this kind of messiness that has people like me stick to stock apps for basic tasks. However, there are apps that have designed better, run swifter and offer more features – but at a price. Today, we will look at 5 of such apps, only that their price tag has been lifted for a few hours or days so you better rush and grab them.

Currency Converter Easily+

Usually, it costs KES 200 you can head over to the Play Store and check it out. As its name suggests, the app converts more than 180 currencies, which is more than ad-ridden, rival apps can offer. Functionally, it is simple – there are no settings to confuse you. Its only gripe is that it does not work offline because it fetches conversion rates from Google finance. Also to note is that it offers Bitcoin conversion rates, in addition to a live currency ticker.

Currency Converter Extra

Calc Fast

This is more of a game but it is fun. If you are good at addition, division or multiplication (I’m not), you will excel at this. The game has a timer that accumulates points based on the number of problems you can solve. Afterward, it compiles results displays your artistry with numbers.

Calc Fast


Brick Game lovers who used to squeeze dry cells with teeth to ‘recharge’ them for a round of eye-blurrying, brick collection will appreciate Trichoma. The concept is the same for this puzzle game – all you need is match more at least three colours to eliminate tiles.


Survival Online GO

Explore islands, two of them actually. Craft weapons, hunt, build an army. Fight.

The game has a functionality to play with friends where a winner explores islands and becomes king of the battlefield.

Furthermore, the game offers such as an unlocked inventory and bonus resource packs. It also gets rid of ads.

S9 Icon Pack and Wallpapers

That’s one hideous name for an icon pack that takes after those found in Samsung Galaxy S8/+. The customization app, which usually costs KES 200, supports several launchers. I have also noticed that it does not overwhelm my device with redraws and homescreen refreshes. Arguably, it does a fine job for users fond of Samsung Experience icons.

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