Ask a guy half the time to hold a lady’s phone and they will have an expression as that of holding their handbags. This is because most ladies, like myself, love color and splash, something that guys cannot wrap their head around. We love our phones to be more of eye candy and trendy than just a squarish communication device.

I have interacted with a couple of ladies’ phones and there are a few things that I have noticed apply across the board. The following were the observations  I made:

The Apps Installed

  1. Instagram/Snapchat
    This being the 21st century and 2017 , it’s really weird when a lady isn’t on Instagram or snapchat, also known as the “show-off apps”. With the desire to stay relevant and up-to date, we upload photos almost daily with the hope to get more likes and “meet new friends” (read ignore DMs), I mean people slide into our DMs everyday and we love the attention. Hello, we feel good when we have a couple of unread messages. “I’m sexy and I know it”, where and how else to express it more?
  2. Period tracker
    Don’t get me wrong but when “Aunty Flo” is ready to pay a visit, we love to be well prepared and ready for this. There are many apps to help with this, with the most popular ones being Period Calendar and Period Tracker. Not only do they track the period dates and number of days, they also cover the moods and mood swings. They also syncs with other health apps to help us keep fit. An added bonus, if you’re pregnant then yaay! They have you covered too.
  3. Games
    Games are categorized into three: The ultimate stupid games like Panda Pop; The ones that involve the mind games i.e. Candy Crush; Then those that need use of skills e.g. Subway Surfers. We play these games when bored, waiting for someone in a coffee house or pizza hut maybe, or when you’re in traffic and don’t want to talk to the creepy guy sitting next to you, these are the best times to get onto these games and entertain yourself.
  4. WhatsApp/Messenger
    Online? Yes Girl! Share and receive photos of the hang out you had last weekend, latest trending video, funny memes, do the affordable chatting option with more offers – WhatsApp is our number one option. Messenger on the hand, we reply to the messages from Facebook (half of them annoying ), from old friends, classmates that one crush we could at least catch up with (stalk) on Facebook. Ultimately these apps help us to connect with friends and family. Not forgetting the multiple groups we have created. In that way we feel we connect with the rest of the world.
  5. Tinder/ Lespark
    This is like new hook-ups everyday and you get to choose if you like someone and they like you back. What next will be up to you. Creepy, sweet, handsome, shy guys are out there. But all the same, its never that serious. It’s the same for Lespark – in a society where folks are Gender fluid you are free to interact with whoever you want.
  6. True Caller/Call Blocker
    Ever receive calls from folks who play hide and seek with you before revealing their ID? Well Thank God for the two apps.

Our Wallpapers

The point of focus in a lady’s phones is the wallpaper. Most of us use colorful photos i.e. of sceneries, our own selfies and/or famous animations. The more colorful the wallpaper is – depending on the user’s taste – the better it is. Wallpapers are determined by age, current mood and phone type. Most of us change wallpapers daily or weekly.

Phone Cases

Your phone case determines the value of your phone and ultimately the value that you posses. A classy phone case means a classy lady who loves her life. From floral prints, typography to custom made ones, our phone cases are a representation of our style.


We definitely want it personalized. Be it our favourite song, the latest song or an all time classic, we want it unique and fitting our style. To add on it, some ladies have specific ringtones for their Mothers, Dads, significant other and even that “fuckboy” that won’t go away. This help to identify the person calling before we even have a look at the phone and decide whether to pick up or not. Sometimes we don’t pick up because we are simply dancing or singing along to our ringtone.

I have an iPhone, ok had 🙄, but that’s not the point. We all know how customizing the ringtone on an iPhone is quite tedious, yet I was willing to go through it all just to get the tone I want.

Taxi Apps

Yes, we all at some point go see our boyfriends or friends and well, we are all human beings and fights happen. When you have any transport app you are sorted. Be it Uber, Little, taxify or Mondo Ride, you will find the convenience of being in control of your own movements. Oh, the apps always have a free ride, just in case 😊. 

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