Why Phoneplace Kenya Is The Best Shop To Buy Smartphones In Kenya

phoneplace Kenya

Anytime you want to buy something online, the first place most people consult is google. A few years ago we never relied on google as much but with all the changes that have taken place, note 2020, there has been a shift in how businesses present themselves online.

The year 2020 made a lot of people realize that for most businesses to survive calamities, they need to invest in having online platforms.

Customers are able to order what they want in the comfort of their homes and have their goods delivered to where they are.

Phoneplace Kenya has emerged to be among the best online shopping sites in Kenya for Smartphones and accessories.

How they have done this, is,  by positioning themselves online way before many businesses ventured online.

The customer experience is seamless right from looking for a phone to buy to the point of checkout on the website.

Phoneplace Kenya eCommerce Success Story

Their story starts in the year 2012 when the main mode of selling phones was on Facebook. During this same period, smartphones and feature phones were gaining popularity in Kenya.

According to Worldbank data on mobile phone usage in Kenya, in 2012, for every 100 people, 69 people had a phone. This has since grown to 114 people.

Facebook was also gaining popularity In Africa, which contributed to the growth of the brand. As the Facebook page grew, it become its own community, and now it does not need much time to maintain it.

The success of using this channel thus opened up to create a website that now made it easier for customers to shop from wherever they are, make payments and have their product delivered or pick up from the shop’s physical location.

Opening an eCommerce website has led to the shops’ popularity countrywide as well as shown businesses that they need to also invest in online platforms.

Phoneplace Kenya is now known to provide original smartphones and accessories at the most affordable prices in Kenya, with a promise of durability, quality, and authenticity.

Phoneplace now has a loyal customer base that keeps growing daily.

7 Reasons Why Phoneplace Kenya is The Best Shop To Buy Smartphones In Kenya.

Here is why Phoneplace Kenya is the best eCommerce platform in Kenya to shop for smartphones and accessories.

1. Great online and offline customer experience

The shopping experience is personal whether customers are purchasing online or offline. Once a customer identifies the product they would like to buy, they go to the website and search for the product.

The product page highlights an image, specifications, features, and variants of the product available. The customer then chooses to checkout.

On the checkout page, a customer fills in their details and chooses how they want to pay, this whole process takes under 5 minutes. Customers may choose to pick up products from their physical shop or proceed with the online process and the customer service team will contact them.

Phoneplace has also made it more efficient by ensuring customers get their products on the same day within Nairobi and next-day deliveries for countrywide customers.

2. Excellent Customer Service

Ensuring customers’ satisfaction with their products is an integral part of the success of Phoneplace Kenya. This is possible through the prompt answering of queries whether on calls or on social media platforms.

Each day there are customer updates on the latest and existing phone models launched on their social media handles. This in turn brings a lot of engagement on the prices, best phone brands to buy, and how to make a purchase.

The customer service team is in constant communication offering advice on any queries with the customer to the point of purchase.


3. All Phone Brands And Accessories  Are Under One Roof

iPhone 14 Pro Max, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4, and Nothing Phone 1 are the latest 2022 releases, and you guessed it right, it’s already in stock at Phoneplace.

The shop has a reputation for always having the latest phone brands as soon as they launch in Kenya.

The bonus is that the phones are available at affordable prices and you are sure to get offers from time to time.

Smartphone companies are now reducing the number of accessories that come with a phone once bought, like charging bricks and earphones. In case you buy a phone that does not include any of the above, you’re sure to get accessories at the shop.

The shop sells accessories ranging from screen protectors, speakers, earphones, smartwatches, headphones, and many more

4. Capture And show Reviews

Customer reviews are an integral part of the success of any brand. Phoneplace displays reviews so that they are visible on search engines like Google and to customers who are shopping for products like the ones they offer.

The reviews help the business learn where to improve and build trust with new customers. The reviews are available on Google reviews and Facebook. This in turn can help future customers make informed buying decisions.

5. Social Media Presence

Given the vast amount of consumers who frequent social media platforms, Phoneplace ensures it is updates the current and existing products on its social media pages.

They use social media to keep in touch with customers and assist where possible. You can find their social media handles here Facebook, Instagram, YouTube Shorts, and Tiktok.

You can also reach them by Email or Call/Text/Whatsapp at 0707 548 758

6. High-Quality Products

Trusting online sites to deliver the exact product to your location requires a level of trust that’s built over time.

Phoneplace prides itself on selling high-quality products and even offers warranties for some of its products. What you purchase online is what you get delivered to your location.

7. Product video reviews

The decision to buy a smartphone takes time, which involves trying to find out the design of the phone, price range, specifications, and much more. Phoneplace has made it easier for smartphone consumers by taking unboxing videos of their products.

Each video reviews the design, storage, and much more. Hundreds of videos of the products they sell are available on their social media pages to view and make an informed decision.

By the time a  customer purchases, they already know what to expect, thus building customer satisfaction and loyalty.


  1. Which is the best shop to buy a phone from in Kenya?

Phoneplace Kenya has the latest smartphones and accessories in kenya. You’ll get quality and original phones at unbeatable prices

  1. Where is Phoneplace Kenya located?

Phoneplace Kenya’s location is at Bazaar Plaza, Mezzanine 1, Moi Avenue, Nairobi, Kenya

  1. Which  Smartphone brands does Phoneplace Kenya Sell?
  1. How Can I Reach Phoneplace Kenya?

Reach Phoneplace at  Phone:+254707 548 758,Email: info@phoneplacekenya,com

  1. Does Phoneplace Kenya Sell Accessories?

Yes. You can find the accessories here

Key Takeaways

An online shipping experience should be attractive, functional, simple, and enjoyable for customers. The shop guarantees to get your questions answered when you encounter an issue. This is what makes Phoneplace Kenya stand out from the pack, they recreate the in-store shopping experience into an unforgettable online experience for you.