WhatsApp Users Can Now Share Documents Of Any Format


File sharing is a fundamental aspect in messaging apps like WhatsApp and the 1.2 billion users it boasts to have sure send a ton of media between each other either personally or in groups.

However, for a long time, WhatsApp limited the size of the media to 16MB maximum and you could only send a select few document types to each other on the network.

Three weeks ago, the company outed an update on the beta channel which brought about the long awaited update to share any file type to each other and the expansion of the size limits.

Well, now WhatsApp has pushed the update to the stable channel, which means that the general user base can now send documents of any type to each other.

Previously, WhatsApp limited you to sending file types like .docx, .xlsx, pdf and similar, which covered basically what people use in offices. Now when you head over to attach a file, you can see that you can attach files of all types like .mkv, .zip, xml which you couldn’t do before, which is great for people who like sharing such content and were unable to do that before.

The limit was reported to be 100MB for Android and even higher for iOS users (128MB) which is enough to send uncompressed photos but is anemic for media like higher quality video.

Also in the update, you can see all of your photos and videos from the in-app camera by swiping up. In this interface, it allows you to send multiple photos at once where they will be grouped in galleries that can only show five images each.

Not to be forgotten, you can now easily italicize, bold or add a strikethrough on your messages by just tapping and holding on the text. Previously, you had to use handy tricks to use them and this just makes it easier for everyone.

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