LinkedIn Adds Native Video Support After Teasing For a Year

We have waited for ages

linkedin video official

When you ask a random Internet user of what he/she knows about LinkedIn, they will probably tell you it is a social network for professionals and they are right. People create LinkedIn profiles to add their professional qualifications and connect with people in the same industry or of similar interests.

Native video support has become basic on social networks, but interesting enough, it is not on all social networks. Well, now LinkedIn has left that lot by introducing LinkedIn Video after teasing for a year.

According to the company, they had began testing video last month and already they have seen videos being shared on the platform.

If you want to record video on LinkedIn, go to your LinkedIn app, look for the share box (on iOS) or post button (Android) and tap on the video icon. You can also upload a video of something you recorded earlier, just like how we do on other social media apps.

That’s not all, LinkedIn will also allow you to view audience insights of your videos. You’ll be able to view such information like how many views, likes, comments, top companies, titles and locations of your viewers. Audience insights will be available in the dashboard section on your profile on both mobile and desktop.

LinkedIn is currently rolling out this feature to all members in the coming weeks, so if you may have to be a bit patient to get it. LinkedIn also joins Reddit which was the other major network that didn’t have native video support and it would be interesting to see what the 500 million members will upload in the future.