10 Amazing Photos of The Solar Eclipse That Hit the Internet in the Right Spot

Once in a lifetime photos

solar eclipse

solar eclipse

Celestial events like eclipses, comet sightings and Mars transiting across the Sun are quite rare. They generate a lot of interest due to their rarity and stupendous beauty and you tend to see people preparing to watch these celestial events since they are quite easy to track.

One of the rarest celestial events is a total solar eclipse where the moon completely blocks the sun rays for a short while and this is usually quite the spectacle as you see the moon slowly cover the sun until totality. People come out in large numbers to view the eclipse using special glasses and photographers usually grab this chance to take some sweet shots of the eclipse, either by covering the various phases of the eclipse or focusing solely on the totality phase.

Well, since we are in the age where people share their experiences on social media, the latest total solar eclipse that happened across the United States yesterday generate a lot of buzz across various social media platforms. NASA had a livestream of the events and people across the belt of totality shared photos of the eclipse in their full glory.

This is just epic…

This guy caught the various phases complete with a lens starburst

A wide shot of the eclipse

NASA won yesterday with this photo

Sony took the opportunity to market their camera with this shot

Very clean shot!

The International Space Station had to make an appearance 

A plane also photobombed the eclipse

Another cool photo of the totality phase showing even the sun prominences

My favourite is this timelapse photo of the various phases as a streak across the sky