Kenyans Can Download a 7.5GB File 21 times Faster Than Users in Gabon – Report

kenya top broadband speeds africa

kenya top broadband speeds africa

We know that countries don’t have the same broadband speeds and it is always interesting to see how your home country fairs amongst others in the world.

Relative to other countries, Kenya has pretty good Internet speeds and it is thanks to the rapid rollout of fibre cables and fast 4G internet across the country. We have been ranking consistently high in the region for a while now and now another report confirms that indeed Kenya’s broadband speeds are the best in the continent. compiled a year’s worth of data upto May this year done by M-Lab and they found interesting statistics.

  • The five fastest countries have download speeds around 40 times than the five slowest.
  • Singapore topped the list with download speeds of 55.13Mbps, compared to Yemen, which was 162 times slower at 0.34Mbps.
  • 20 of the 30 best performing countries are located in Europe, 7 in Asia, 2 in North America and 1 in Oceania.
  • 17 out of 30 countries with the slowest countries came from Africa.
  • 139 countries failed to achieve average speeds above 10Mbps

If you check the Worldwide ranking, Kenya is the top African country (ranked 51st) with a mean download speed of 8.83Mbps. They also put into perspective how fast the broadband speed is for a country when they download the same 7.5 GB file.

Internet users in Singapore can download the 7.5GB file in 18 minutes, Kenyans can download it in slightly less than 2 hours while in Gabon, you will take over 40 hours.

The following chart shows a visual of how long it will take you to download a 7.5GB file in various African countries.

kenya tops africa broadband speed

This report comes after we saw Ookla publish their report where Kenya didn’t fare well in comparison to other countries and Akamai shared a report where Kenya was among the top in the MEA region.


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