Speedtest Global Index: Kenya Ranks Bottom Half in Internet Connectivity

We are far behind from the leaders

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Countries all over the world have some form of Internet connection to their population, either through fiber optic cables, satellites or by any other means. However, the speeds are not equal, where you find that some countries have vastly faster broadband speeds compared to other countries.

When you want to check how fast your Internet connectivity is, we use certain tools to achieve that, and Speedtest is one of them. Thanks to their popularity, you can be sure they have gathered a lot of data from the tons of requests they get from people around the world.

They have now found a way to make all that data meaningful, where they announced the Speedtest Global Index. This would be a monthly ranking of the global mobile and fixed broadband speeds, which can be a great way to get a glimpse of how your country is faring in the world. They checked for 670 unique user results for mobile and at least 3,333 for fixed broadband when they compiled this data.

Naturally, I was curious to know how Kenya fared since according to the State of the Internet report released by Akamai recently, Kenya was among the top in the MEA region.

In the report, there are two distinct categories: Mobile and Fixed Broadband. Norway led the pack with the highest speeds in mobile speeds (52.59 Mbps) and Singapore led the fixed broadband category with a sky high 154.38 Mbps.

Kenya fared a little lower in both categories where we were ranked 80/122 on mobile and 85/133 on fixed broadband. The average mobile speeds were found to be 14.49 Mbps down, 6.49 Mbps up and the average fixed broadband speeds were 14.30 Mbps down and 8.46Mbps up.

The speeds posted are almost in line with the Akamai report where they found out in the first quarter of this year, the average speeds in Kenya was 13.7 Mbps.

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