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Global internet shutdowns stats

Internet Restrictions In Africa Motivated by Politics, Asia Experiences the Most

2024 has begun with the Senegalese and Sudanese governments shutting down the internet in parts of their countries. This bad practice is unfortunately just...
Google Presents: 13 Ways you can Celebrate Africa Day

Google Presents: 13 Ways you can Celebrate Africa Day

May 25th is the day the world has set aside to celebrate Africa. This day is aptly named Africa Day. Recognized globally, this day serves...

African Startups Have Received $1.7 Billion So Far in 2022

Every other day, a startup receives money from investors. Africa, for instance, is one of the hottest markets for such ventures, but how have...

Africa Is Now the Most Targeted Region for Cyberattacks

In 2021, the number of cyberattacks recorded was record-breaking, with a 50% increase in overall attacks per week on corporate networks compared to 2020. In...
African Apps Market

African Mobile App Market Is Booming Propelled by Growing Fintech Space – Report

The Kenyan mobile app and the overall African mobile app market has shown significant growth propelled by a growing fintech space, a rise in...
kenya software developer github

Kenya Has One of the Fastest Growing Software Developer Communities on GitHub

The tech industry in Africa has seen tremendous growth over the years. We have seen the American company Andela set up shop in the...
facebook london accelerator african startups

Facebook’s London Accelerator Opens to African Startups For the First Time

Facebook has announced that they are inviting applications for their third edition of their London accelerator program. The company says that this is now...

Regulators Still Slowing Down 4G Adoption

The growth of mobile subscriptions is nothing new if data by our very own the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) is anything to go...
africa phone shipments down q1 2019

Africa’s Smartphone and Feature phone Shipments Decline in Q1 2019

According to the latest insights from the International Data Corporation (IDC), Africa's smartphone market saw a decrease due to economic challenges. Q1 2019 outlook in...

These are Africa’s Most Expensive Countries to Buy 1GB of Mobile Data

The rise of the internet and smart devices has revolutionized and disrupted several interrelated industries. Telecoms corporations have amassed fortunes by selling several products...
Roina Ochieng

From Hyped Evangelism to Skill Development – Growing Africa’s Tech Communities

  Over years we have witnessed the growth of tech communities across Africa, where these forums are filled with experts from various tech-related backgrounds. These...
kenya second broadband list

Kenya Ranks Second in Broadband Speeds in Africa

Internet use is part and parcel of our lives in the current age and it is kind of sad we all don't have the...
Samsung Galaxy S9 Edge Display

Zambia Jumps on New Trend to Regulate Online Content as WhatsApp Group Admins and Bloggers Required to Register

Quick question, do you think African leaders have a WhatsApp group where they share terrible ideas? Like seriously, first it was Tanzania - trying to...
Jonas Tesfu Pangea Accelerator

Pangea’s Big Vision of Connecting Kenyan Startups to Investors

Pangea's idea is to create a pipeline that ensures access to investment for African startups all the while solving the issue of lack of trust between investors and startups.
Mobile Data

South Sudan’s National Communication Authority Reportedly Shuts Down 3G Internet Services in the Country

The National Communication Authority of South Sudan has reportedly shut down internet services in the country following a fresh breakout of violence. Several people are...

This Electric Car is Supposedly Built for Rural Africa, but We Think it’s Just a Glorified Golf Cart

It is not the first time that innovators from the west have come up with a solution to solve an African problem and to...

Africa’s Most Popular Smartphones Show a Budding Love for Budget Devices

We all have our reservations when it comes to brands, especially with smartphones, we have loyalists then we have those who make their decisions...

Africans Love Data Saving Apps According to These Google Play Store Insights

An analysis by Afridigest has revealed that data is a major concern across African countries, especially Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana and Tanzania. The...
kenya top broadband speeds africa

Kenyans Can Download a 7.5GB File 21 times Faster Than Users in Gabon – Report

Kenyans have the fastest internet speeds in Africa according to a report by a British company

Rwanda’s Akagera National Park Uses a Smart Park System to Keep Poachers at Bay

Poaching is a serious problem in African parks. According to World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the Elephant population in Africa has dropped from 5 million in the...
UN Drone

Malawi Opens Up Air Corridor to Test Use of Drones in Humanitarian Missions

Malawi, in conjunction with UNICEF, is the first African country to open up an 80 Kilometer air corridor that is designed to provide a controlled...

More Than Three Decades After the World Wide Web Was Launched, Africa Finally Gets Its Own Top-Level Domain

Africa now has the unique web address, .africa, following its official launch by the African Union on Friday, 10 March 2017. The AU commission...
uhuru kenyatta

Report: Kenyan Millennials Prefer Social Media For News, Love Texting And Downloading TV Shows

GeoPoll did a rapid survey on African Millennials from five countries where they seeked to find out their affinity towards mobile technology

YouTube Kids Has Been Launched In Kenya And Select African Countries

Parents will now be able to entertain their kids with YouTube Kids in select African countries which includes Kenya.

Smartphone Brand Mi-Fone Partners with Jolla, Deal Will See its Devices Run Sailfish OS

African smartphone brand Mi-Fone has inked a new deal with Scandinavian company Jolla that will see the former's devices powered by software from the...

Xiaomi Smartphones to Start Selling in South Africa on November 22nd

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi is set to introduce its smartphones into the South African market starting November 22nd signaling its official entry into the...

Xiaomi Set to Enter the African Smartphone Market in September

The company that makes some of the most desirable budget Android smartphones complete with features one will otherwise have had to pay top dollar...

Kenya Leads in Mobile Money Use Globally with 20 Million Accounts

Kenya is a global leader in mobile money business holding a third of the world's 61 million mobile phone-based money accounts, the GSM Association...

Key Science Issues in Africa for the year 2013

Research and development on the continent is set to receive a boost early next year when the STISA (Science, Technology and Innovation Strategy for...
Smartphones Africa

Smartphones to account for 51% of Africa device sales in 2013

In a report by Informa UK, smartphones sales are in the increase and headed to take over the top spot in device sales effectively...
Louis Otieno, Microsoft

TV Whitespaces Internet Projects serve different needs in different markets

TV White spaces has for some time been a conversation in many countries as the switch to digital TV migration from Analogue Transmission takes...
Internet Security Threats Africa

Kenya ranks 7th in Internet Security threats in Africa, South Africa Tops

In a report sent in to us by Symantec Corp titled Internet Threat Report Volume 18, Internet Security threat has increased by 42% during...

South Africa’s ZACR Launches Awareness Programme for the .africa Domain

At the 46th ICANN meeting the ZA Central Registry (ZACR) was awarded the right to operate the .africa registry after it signed and MoU...
ASUS Fonepad

ASUS FonePad to be available in African Countries from May

ASUS Fonepad will be launched in African countries in May and availability in local retailers and partners will also be in May, 2013. The...
Wallpaper Monday App

New App alert! WallPaper Monday App, view Africa through the lens

Africa has very nice scenery, but this has not been well showcased. A Kenyan photographer saw this and he says he got frustrated at...

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