Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Finally Has a Release Date

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windows 10 fall creators update release date

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

Windows 10 is unlike any other Windows build where Microsoft iterated that they won’t have major releases like Windows 11 and the likes. Alternatively, they have decided to be updating Windows 10 with various major updates with catchy names like November Update, Anniversary Update and Creators Update which we got early this year.

The next major update is codenamed Windows 10 Fall Creators Update and it is an incremental update to the Creators Update that was released April this year. We knew that it will be released between September and December (typical Fall time) and now Microsoft has confirmed the exact date we should be expecting the update.

Microsoft will release the Fall Creators Update on October 17th this year, which is only 7 weeks away. The Fall Creators Update builds up to the Creators focused theme that Microsoft is going on with Windows 10 with features like:

  • Microsoft Fluent Design System which is the new design language Microsoft will use on the Fall Creators Update and it looks stunning.
  • Windows Story Remix which uses AI to transform your content into stories
  • Microsoft Graph which the company wants it to be an “intelligent fabric” that connects people, conversations, projects and contents within Microsoft Cloud.
  • Full Universal Windows Platform Support on the Windows Store
  • Windows Mixed Reality which is Microsoft’s dive into AR that includes new motion controllers
  • A smarter Windows Defender
  • An updated Game mode that allows games to use the full processing power of your device.
  • Windows Inking will be better where it will let you ink directly into PDFs and Smart Ink will use AI to inking to make the squares more perfect.