Facebook is Working on a Way to Block Zuckerberg in the Future

So if you had beef with him...

mark zuckerberg block facebook

We all know Facebook as that social network Mark Zuckerberg co-founded in his Harvard dorm room, which has now grown to be used by over 2 billion people users every month.

As part of the tools to help you deal with trolls, Facebook gives you the ability to block someone. However, it is common knowledge that you can’t block the founder, Mark Zuckerberg and instead, you will get this error notice.

mark zuckerberg block facebook

You would rationalize this idea of Facebook not enabling one to block Mark Zuckerberg as just a perk of being a co-founder. However, it seems that perk will soon be gone, as reported by BuzzFeed.

According to the publication, Facebook is working on a way to rectify the situation where you can’t block Zuckerberg on the platform. Currently when you decide to block Facebook’s CEO, you get an error message that says “This profile can’t be blocked for now.”

Zuckerberg told BuzzFeed that the team is working on a fix for this problem which is a “technical challenge that could take some time.” Apparently Facebook does not have “unblockable” accounts and the reason for such an error is that the system gets busy, which sounds odd.

“I can tell you that people trying to block a profile or Page may see an error message if it has been blocked many times within a short period,” a spokesperson from Facebook told the publication.

Facebook had initially coded the system this way so as to limit the damage of targeted blocking campaigns. However, it is interesting that Facebook is now working on a way for you to block Mark Zuckerberg in the future, although I don’t see why it would be necessary.

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