TrueCaller Will Let You Make Calls and Payments by Scanning a Phone Number


TrueCaller has had its share of controversies this year, especially when it comes to privacy concerns but one thing we cannot deny is that the app makes is very hard for one to leave. The latest berry added to the fruit basket is the ability to make calls by simply scanning a phone number from within Telegram.

Dubbed “Number Scanner”, the new feature will simply let you scan a number directly from business cards, websites, signage, or even handwritten to quickly look it up, call or save it to your contacts list. The scanning will use your phone’s camera and TrueCaller says that they want to “enable our users to have the proper resources to receive relevant information quickly digitally and in their surrounding physical environment.”

Announced alongside number scanner is a new feature that will, unfortunately, be restricted to India only, at the moment. Users in India will be able to scan a phone number and send money to that phone number. TrueCaller claims that this a better way to make payments as opposed to using QR Codes which have become rampant in the country.

TrueCaller introduced payments support on the app back in March. The payments feature allows users to pay businesses that allow UPI (Unified Payment System)-based mobile payments. With the latest update, TrueCaller will now let Indian users send money and receive money from any contact in their phone book.


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