Old British Cathedrals Hilariously Tried To Outdo Each Other on Twitter

british cathedral twitter

Social networking sites allowed people to connect with each other around the world and later on, businesses and institutions were able to connect with their fans and members worldwide.

Specifically when it comes to institutions, it has led to them hiring social media executives to run their accounts. How they are run is a whole other story since some are ran in a fun way and others are ran like bots.

The Twitter community seems to respond more to those that are engaging enough to sound like people and not bots and this has become quite the standard.

When you think about cathedrals, the first thoughts that would cross your mind are these old buildings with an enormous presence that have colourful windows and artistic elements in them. That is exactly what cathedrals from the United Kingdom were bragging about on a Twitter show of might recently.

This thread was started by St. Paul’s Cathedral in London during World Architecture Day where they bragged that the cathedrals of England had this covered.

Soon after, the other cathedrals from the UK joined in the thread where they displayed their best assets.

Coventry Cathedral has a moon

Exeter’s Cathedral boasted that they had way more moons

St Paul’s didn’t want to be outshined by the rest thanks to their moons and displayed their rocket.

And the winner was clearly Norwich Cathedral who decided to have a very realistic photo of their building with the Death Star on the background.

Stop it, St Paul’s…you lost