Taxify Comfort Introduced in Nairobi, Directly Competes With UberSELECT

Taxify comfort announced in Nairobia

Most taxi hailing platforms usually have several categories which are targeted for various consumer needs. They are usually differentiated mainly by price and now Taxify is doing the same thing.

Today, Taxify has announced Taxify Comfort, a new service from the taxi hailing service that is geared to give riders ‘a top-end service experience.’

With Taxi Comfort, Taxify users will have access to the most experienced and highest rated drivers as well as better car models. This sounds like a response to Uber when they announced UberSELECT that has similar intentions in the market.

This month, Taxify Comfort will be 25% off where the rates are a base fare of KES 120, KES 25 per KM, KES 4 per minute and the minimum fare is KES 250. Taxify currently charges KES 100 base fare, KES 20 per KM, KES 4 per minute and a minimum fare of KES 220 on the standard version

Requesting Taxify Comfort is just like the Standard: Open the Taxify app, select Taxify Comfort, enter and set your pickup location and request a Taxify cab.

In comparison, UberSELECT charges KES 100 base fare, KES 43 per KM, KES 4 per minute and a minimum fare of KES 300. Little charges KES 100 base fare, KES 50 per KM, KEs 4 per minute and minimum fare of KES 270 for the Comfort plus and KES 190 base fare, 35/km, 4/km and minimum of 190 for the Comfort option.

Taxify is clearly undercutting the above options clearly and it will be interesting to see how this will be taken by consumers out there.


  1. The vehicle type, for these “premium” services seems to be a sore point for Kenyans, who expect SUV’s or Mercs when they opt for premium.

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