TaxifyGo is the Budget Option Aimed at Tackling UberCHAPCHAP

Taxify comfort announced in Nairobia

taxify in kampala

The ride share market is a cutthroat industry thanks to the eruption of new players and they are all pulling all the stops to gain market share. Our local ride share market was born in 2015 after the entry of Uber and others like Taxify joined the market later on (2016).

Taxify today has announced TaxifyGo, a ‘budget friendly’ option among their slew of options. This will consist of smaller 4 seater cars with relatively small engines (1300cc). These cars that consume less fuel means lower operational cost for drivers which also means lower fares for riders.

Taxify will charge you KES 75 as the base fare, KES 22 per kilometre and KES 3 per minute for Taxify Go. This is lower than what they charge for the regular Taxify rides and Taxify XL. Regular Taxify rides are charged at KES 85 as the base fare, KES 30 per kilometre and KES 3 per minute; Taxify XL has a KES 100 base fare, KES 40 per minute and KES 4 per minute and is the only one with 6 seats.

Taxify Go will compete with the likes of UberCHAPCHAP where the latter is known for the use of using fuel efficient Suzuki Altos to keep costs down. UberCHAPCHAP’s fare structure consists of a base fare is KES 80, KES 16 per kilometre and KES 4 per minute. Little Cab basic charges KES 100 base fare, KES 30 bob per kilometre and KES 4 per minute while Mondo Ride charges KES 85 as the base fare, KES 26 per kilometer and KES 3 per kilometre.

The new option has been rolled out and you can see it when you launch the app to hail a ride.

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