Taxify Quickly Expands Taxify XL to Mombasa


Almost two weeks ago, Taxify launched Taxify Go and Taxify XL in Nairobi, which were additional options for Taxify users that are both cheaper and more expensive than the regular cab option. 12 days later, Taxify has now announced that Taxify XL is now available in Mombasa.

Taxify XL is geared for those people who travel in large groups and the 4 seater limit offered on the other options could be limiting for such customers. TaxifyXL can accommodate 6 riders at a go and you can see why it is a good choice for those kinds of customers.

Taxify XL in Mombasa is also surprisingly more expensive than the one offered in Nairobi. Base fare is KES 100, per kilometre charge of KES 45, KES 5 per minute and the minimum fare is KES 250. In Nairobi, they charge KES 40 per kilometre, KES 4 per minute and a base fare of KES 100 for TaxifyXL users in Nairobi.

Also surprising enough, Taxify did not launch Taxify Go, the company’s budget ride sharing option. This option was launched together with TaxifyXL in Nairobi and I asked why it was so.

“Taxify GO is not available in Mombasa. It is only available in Nairobi,” a spokesperson said. “Well, every city is different with riders having different needs. We introduce products in different cities based on the needs in those cities. Taxify Go is a product that suits rider needs in Nairobi but not in Mombasa.”

Mombasa users should now be able to check out the new option from their Taxify apps from today.