Facebook Targets LinkedIn By Testing A Way To Add Your CV

facebook cv feature

facebook cv feature

It is no surprise that Facebook wants to become your one stop shop for everything. They want you to get everything from the network and that is why they keep testing interesting features that are eventually rolled out to everyone on the platform.

The latest test creeps up onto LinkedIn’s territory. According to The Next Web, Facebook is testing a CV feature where people can share their work experience.


The CV feature is a new addition to the standard “Work and Education” section. You can add your work experience, education and contact information, just like how you would do it on LinkedIn or in the traditional CV. Other intricacies include a toggle to show that you currently work on a particular place if you’ve worked in several companies and the ability to add the precise dates while editing your education history.

TNW contacted Facebook to confirm about the test and this is the statement that they obtained from the company:

At Facebook, we’re always building and testing new products and services. We’re currently testing a work histories feature to continue to help people find and businesses hire for jobs on Facebook.

Having such tools is actually quite beneficial to users. We are living in a time where people can actually get jobs from social media and this move will help connect future employee and employer on one platform. This is also not a surprise since Facebook announced a while back a way to enable businesses post job openings easily on their Page.


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