Facebook Targets LinkedIn Again By Becoming A Hiring Hub



Facebook has always been coming for LinkedIn in a number of ways like Workplace by Facebook announcement a while back and this new one is taking advantage of what LinkedIn is not doing properly.

From a blogpost, Facebook took the opportunity to announce a way to enable businesses post job openings with ease on their Page. “Businesses and people already use Facebook to fill and find jobs, so we’re rolling out new features that allow job posting and application directly on Facebook,” they explained in the post.

All you have to do as a Page admin is to tap on the “create job” tab (brand new bookmark) where the person can now publish the job post after filling the form provided. According to the company if you post the job opening, you will be able to track applications and communicate with the applicants on Messenger, all on mobile and in one place.

For the applicants, these job posts may appear on their News Feed in the new tab for jobs. When an applicant clicks on apply, they will be shown a form which has already been pre-populated with information from their profile which they can review and edit before submitting.

Sadly, this feature is only currently available on US and Canada where now businesses can be able to post job openings. It is not clear when they will roll out to other countries but it sends a message that your next job could just pop up on your News Feed.


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