OnePlus is Apparently Working On an 18:9 Model of the OnePlus 5


The OnePlus 5 received quite some criticism when it was released back in July, one of them being the fact that it did not adopt the now desired 18:9 aspect ratio and that it used a borrowed design from its mother company, OPPO. True, the OnePlus 5 looks a lot like the OPPO R11 that was released before it and it also quite resembles an iPhone 7 Plus due to the placement of the dual cameras on the back. In response to this, OnePlus was quick to defend itself, saying that it did not have enough resources to work on a new design with the new aspect ratio since it was still a “startup”.

Well, there have been rumours running around claiming that OnePlus is working on a OnePlus 5T variant that will keep the same internals of the OnePlus 5 but now implement a new 18:9 aspect ratio display. At first, well-known leak-star Evleaks dismissed these claims, claiming that he hadn’t heard anything about a OnePlus 5T and that such a model made little sense to him, at least in the near future. Well, today, this happened:

Evleaks just confirmed that indeed OnePlus is working on an 18:9 model of the One Plus 5. Evleaks even went ahead to say that a reliable source claims the new device will be launched somewhere around November 20. This follows after the stock of the OnePlus 5 ran out and the company is yet to restock the device in most of the countries it is sold in.

It has also been reported that the dual Cameras on the new OnePlu 5 model will both get upgraded to 20MP and may have a larger 3450mAh battery unlike the current OnePlus 5 which has dual 16MP lenses and a 3300mAh battery. GSMArena also claims that the new OnePlus 5 model will be coming with Android Oreo out of the box.

Interestingly, OnePlus’ mother company, OPPO will be releasing their first 18:9 smartphone tomorrow, the F5. There are claims online that OnePlus will be using the same design that OPPO will use on the F5. Personally, I have no problem with this, I am a big OnePlus fan and I cannot wait to lay my hands on an 18:9 OnePlus 5.