It’s Monday, and Google CEO’s Top Priority is Fixing the Cheeseburger

First world problems

google burger emoji fiasco

google burger emoji fiasco

Emojis have become part and parcel of our social media life and they are continuously updated every year to the delight and scorn of people around the world. Sometimes you’ll see people celebrating the fact that the avocado and bacon emojis were finally added and now people are fighting over the cheeseburger emoji.

Over the weekend, Thomas Baekdal started a discussion comparing the cheeseburger emojis by Apple and Google. The issue was the fact that in the Google variant, the cheese is underneath the patty while on the Apple one, it was on top.

This led to an interesting discussion under the tweet where people gave their best descriptions of the ‘perfect cheeseburger,’

Cheese must be on top of meat.


This tweet became rather popular and it captured Google’s CEO attention by making a rather odd announcement.

Thanks to the furore about the Google Cheeseburger emoji, Google’s CEO said they will drop everything else they were doing today and address it. However, his tweet also led to people making burger puns along the thread.


Make it stop


I’m done

Okay this is goodΒ 

This guy gets it

This discussion was steered in different ways, which includes conspiracy theories and comparing it with other types of cheeseburger emojis.

Vegetarians had to be dragged into this

Facebook Messenger’s burger emoji was dragged into this discussion

…but David Marcus, Facebook’s Vice President of Messaging Products was quick to clarify this.

Well, we are here waiting to see how Google will sort out this ‘mess’ surrounding their burger emoji, and yes this is becoming one of our problems in 2017.

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