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Whatsapp wins saturn emoji contest

Scientist Determines that WhatsApp Has the Most Accurate Saturn Emoji

Emojis have become ubiquitous in our daily lives. New emojis are added yearly by the Unicode consortium and usually, newer software is updated first...

Android and Apple Are Getting New Emojis to Celebrate World Emoji Day

Today is World Emoji Day and to celebrate this day, both Android and Apple's iOS and macOS are sharing details on new emojis coming...
google burger emoji fiasco

Facebook Adds 125 New Family Emojis That Show Various Skin Tones

Emojis used to be quite standard: Yellow faces that show various human expressions that you can share alongside a message. Later on, thanks to...

WhatsApp For Android Adds A Bunch Of Emojis Including Avocado and Bacon

  One thing that sucks in today's world is the slow update of emojis on all platforms after they are published by Unicode (the consortium...

Emoji Stickers With An African Theme Are Available As An App

A company came up with an app that will let you use emoji stickers based on Africans for a change

Details About The Emoji Movie Have Been Revealed Including Its Plot And Release Date

Well...the Emoji Movie is happening and according to reports, we now know the plot and the scheduled theatre release

A Study Revealed How The Same Emoji is Perceived Differently Between Platforms

Emojis have become part of our daily communication when texting or posting updates on our favourite social media networks. We have access to hundreds...

Twitter Updated with 167 New Emoji

Emojis are used extensively on social networks and of course Twitter supports them. Each year, we get to see new emojis being added to...

Twitter Will Use Emojis to Serve Targeted Ads

We are living in an era where we are taking emojis rather seriously. They have transcended from their use in messaging apps to pop...

Unicode Approves 77 New emojis Including Ones for Bacon and Avocado

Emojis have become part and parcel of our lives and although they are vast in number, some everyday objects still do not have an emoji...

The Emoji Bible is the most millennial thing ever

Emojis are one of the results of the social media use explosion and they are used in the chatting situation to replace facial expressions...

Facebook filed a patent where they intend to use your face as an emoji

We have used emojis  to express various facial reactions and they are inspired by real life reactions from people. However, it seems like Facebook...
emoji movie

The Emoji movie will take place in a smartphone and Spotify will be in it

Last year, there were reports of an emoji movie that was in the works and it was not surprising at all. In the modern...
snapchat emoji on video

Snapchat now lets you make your video snaps more emojish

Snapchat is a really popular social networking site especially among teens. The most used feature of Snapchat is the Stories page where you can...

Indonesia doesn’t want gay themed emojis on messaging apps

Emojis have become a complete language of sorts just like the ancient Egyptians famous hieroglyphics. You can have a chat completely in emojis and...

The most widely used emoji on Twitter for 2015 is not a surprise at all

Emojis have become part of pop culture and each year, they are added to the repository by the Unicode consortium. We have seen press...
condom emoji

Durex is petitioning the addition of a condom emoji

The emoji train is not slowing down. They are present in the virtual keyboards we use in our smartphones, embedded as default in various...
Oxford word of the year emoji

Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year is not exactly a word, its an emoji

The Oxford Dictionary has been one of the known sources for definitions of words that are used in the English language. Languages are not...

Twitter seems to be testing reaction emojis embedded on the Like button

Early this month, Twitter announced that they have replaced the star button, also known as favourite (or fav in short) with a heart button...

The Elusive Bacon Emoji Is Coming Afterall, Avocado and Selfie too

There are over 800 emoji characters  which can be found on multiple platforms in mobile and also on desktop. They have been used to...

This Lady Decided to Bring Emoji to Life Using Photography

People are obsessed with emoji, They are using them as passwords, in movies,  making programming languages out of them, using them in press...
emoji cookies

And Now an Emoji Movie is in The Works

Emojis have become synonymous with social media and they are used primarily to display emotion to certain posts. Now, it has been reported Sony...

Google Does Not Share The Same Sentiment as You Emoji Searchers

Google has removed the functionality of searching using emojis. The search giant had said they will filter emojis on the first week of...
Chevy Goes Emoji

Chevrolet Breaks the Internet by Releasing an All-emoji Press Release

I hope this doesn't catch on but Chevrolet has released a press statement entirely in emoji. Emojis are easy to understand when they are...

Emojis Can Now Be Used As Passwords

Want to express your disappointment? Depressed? Ecstatic? There's an emoji character for each one of those emotions. Emoji characters are today being used by...

Middle Finger Emoji Coming to Windows 10

Last year, we brought you news of the 250 new emoji characters that the Unicode Consortium had included to the standard emoji listing. One...

Half of All Comments and Captions on Instagram are Emoji Characters

Emojis are a phenomenom and they are here to stay. Take for instance the fact that the blacklisting of the eggplant emoji by Instagram...

A new set of emojis coming to your Android or iOS device soon

You most likely use them. We all love them. They portray our feelings and describe what we want to express without taking so much...

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