Snapchat now lets you make your video snaps more emojish

snapchat emoji on video


Snapchat is a really popular social networking site especially among teens. The most used feature of Snapchat is the Stories page where you can post your Snaps or view Snaps from your friends. The Snaps could be filtered images of yourself complete with the weird lenses Snapchat provides t you or could be a video.

A while ago, Snapchat introduced overlay emojis to Snaps. You take a snap, add the several swipe filters if you like and at the top on the sticker button, you can add emojis to your photo. In a new update, Snapchat has made it way more fun but for video.

In this new update, Snapchat users will be able to attach emojis to objects within the video which would move automatically as the object moves in the video. You only need to add the emojis from the sticker tap on the Snap and add it as an overlay to the object on the video. This will work well if there are objects moving in your video like people in a car sticking out of the window or  a video of someone surfing like the one below:

snapchat emoji on video

Apparently this is only available to Snapchat users on Android and the iOS users will get the update in the next few weeks. This move has the potential to make some of your snaps interesting thanks to the replacement of people’s faces or entire objects with emojis. Snapchat knows it has to keep people engaged within their platform and this is a good way to do that.

Source: The Verge