The Emoji movie will take place in a smartphone and Spotify will be in it

emoji movie

emoji movie

Last year, there were reports of an emoji movie that was in the works and it was not surprising at all. In the modern world, we use emojis on a daily basis thanks to the numerous chatting platforms and smartphone keyboards that have a list of emojis by default. Apparently Sony Pictures Animation had won the rights to develop it and now we are getting more information about the forthcoming film.

According to The Wrap, they revealed details about the upcoming emoji movie. “Inside your phone, there’s a secret world and we enter through the text app where we discover Emoji Valley, where the industrious Emoji live and work,” Sony Pictures Animation President Kristine Belson revealed about the film on Tuesday at a presentation. “By the end of the first act, the emojis wind up on the homescreen and find that each individual app contains its own massive world to be discovered.”

That is not all, an insider told the publication that Spotify, the giant livestreaming service has signed up to be one of the apps that will be part of the plot in this emoji film. There were no other apps that were mentioned that would partner with Sony in making of the film.

This film is an interesting one since it will capitalize on one of the most popular things about the smartphone and social media life that we are living today. We’ve seen other case uses of emojis like a programming language based on emojis or being used as passwords so we have to wait and see how this movie will turn out to be.