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Emojis have become synonymous with social media and they are used primarily to display emotion to certain posts. Now, it has been reported Sony ‘Pictures is about to bring into life to those loved emoji characters you have on your smartphone’s keyboard.

Apparently, Sony Pictures Animation won the rights to develop the film where they defeated Paramount & Warner Bros. to produce the film. The would-be-director of the film, Anthony Leondis had developed two visual aids of how the movie might pan out. Sony Pictures studio chief allegedly endorsed the idea to bid for the project aggressively to the studio’s president which shows the high level of confidence on the film.

The deal is allegedly in the “near seven figures” and since there was no need to purchase expensive rights from another studio to develop it, this could be a profitable venture for Sony if this movie becomes successful at the box office.

Emojis have in the past been used for various weird projects. There is a case of them being used as passwords. Chevrolet had an all emoji press release,  which frankly was really hard to decode. Google added emoji support to  Gmail recently  to make emailing  fun but funny enough they dropped support to search using emoji. The weirdest case of emoji use was the programming language where the code is entirely in emoji

There are a total of 722 core emoji characters and what remains mysterious about the emoji film is that if they will be used in totality on the film. What I expect will be a film that will resemble the Lego movie, which you guessed it, was an animated movie that mimics actual Lego bricks.

What will Hollywood come up with next? A film made entirely of  memes? GIFs? selfies? This could happen as we are living in an age where social media is influencing our culture from multiple facets.

Source: Deadline Hollywood

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