Google Does Not Share The Same Sentiment as You Emoji Searchers


515qsVaCINL._SX300_ Google has removed the functionality of searching using emojis. The search giant had said they will filter emojis on the first week of May but now it seems they have truly done it. They had previously hinted this change on a YouTube video of a Hangout call where one Joshua Berg said people were noticing an “emoji spam” and asked John Mueller from Google Switzerland if he foresees a problem.

John Mueller said that it looked really cool initially but webmasters were overdoing it so they’ll have to take it down. In the process of taking it down, they won’t demote the sites that are involved in the emoji spam but rather they’ll filter the results. Google were already filtering results for 16 Unicode symbols already and Mueller advised webmasters not to use emojis or the websites they manage won’t appear in the search results.

So what is the effect of this emoji filter? Well your search will be less colourful but since Google is a company that seeks to organize the world’s information better, the misuse by webmasters to use emojis to make them appear on the first page will clearly undermine other relevant sites from being shown on the first page.

If you still want to search using emoji, Bing can be your search engine of choice since you can actually see the emoji you pasted on the search bar. Yahoo on the other hand, won’t show you the emoji you pasted on the search bar but you can see its result. In Google Search, you can’t see the emoji or the results. Talk of a strong emoji filter.

Source: SEL