Facebook Adds 125 New Family Emojis That Show Various Skin Tones


Emojis used to be quite standard: Yellow faces that show various human expressions that you can share alongside a message. Later on, thanks to the use of social networking platforms around the world, it warranted a need to show the different races in emojis.

That is why you have probably seen social networking apps add skin tone variations on human emojis so that they can be a representative of the various races in the world.

According to Emojipedia, Facebook has now added 125 new emojis which will show various families with different skin tones. This includes black families to be represented in emoji form for the first time on Facebook.

Apparently Facebook supports a subset of 52,000 family combinations Microsoft added during their Windows 10 Anniversary update, specifically those that share a skin tone.

Although this is a step in the right direction in the pursuit of incorporating the variety of skin tones you see around the world, it does not fully solve the problem. The current set shows various families in only one skin tone and in the real sense, there is an almost infinite number of combinations around multiracial families.

The update is now available worldwide to all users on the mobile web interfaces, but not on the mobile apps (Facebook for iOS and Android). Facebook apps will use native emojis and it will display the various family members when you tap on them as shown in the above screenshot. Facebook Messenger has its own set of emojis and as such, it won’t support these emojis.