A Programming Language Based Entirely on Emojis is on the Way


cloverEmojis are being used for everything these days. From your casual sarcastic tweets to Whatsapp messages, to Instagram captions to press releases and soon, at your local bank’s ATM. Well how about coding using emojis? Emojis are now a programming language.

The programming language, named :four_leaf_clover: aims to be an easy to use programming language made entirely of emojis, suitable for both novice and expert programmers and it should make the use of emojis to create a universal syntax that is easily comprehensible. The code looks something like this:


The developer (Fourman) is focused on having a working compiler, mobile app for Android, iOS and Windows Phone and a Custom keyboard. So far there’s a token list, sample code, a lexer in C++ and an emoji reader if you understand these terminologies

The developer has requested people to contribute to the project via a post on 4Chan where people have aired different views on how to direct the project.

There are other weird programming languages like LOLCODE where the keywords are capitalized & memified, Chicken where there is only one keyword (you guessed it, chicken) that is allowed and the number of repetitions and lines determines how it will be executed, Piet where the basic building blocks are colour blocks & supports 20 different colours and the programs look like abstract art pieces.

Right now i’m not sure of the potential applications that will be derived from this emoji based programming language but i’m very curious. If this project is successful, don’t be shocked to hear  developers who will use language to develop all sorts of applications which maybe will be all the rage in that time


Source: 4Chan, Github


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