WhatsApp For Android Adds A Bunch Of Emojis Including Avocado and Bacon



One thing that sucks in today’s world is the slow update of emojis on all platforms after they are published by Unicode (the consortium that is tasked with the approval of emojis and other characters). Every year we see the approval of several new emoji and the rollout is usually quite slow especially on Android.

We have hundreds of emojis available to us currently on WhatsApp, but you will find there is a emotion or an object that lacks its own emoji. WhatsApp is among the few companies that rolls out new emojis for people to use before they are incorporated into the new Android version and this update attests to that.

On WhatsApp for Android beta (version 2.17.44 or later), they have implemented emojis that were published in Unicode 9.0 that includes the ones found on iOS 10.2 and the ones Google proposed to the Unicode committee.

whatsapp new emojis

Some of the new emojis include the professional gender equality emojis proposed by Google as well as the highly requested avocado and bacon emojis. There is also a clown, nauseated face, whiskey glass, butterfly and many more.

This update will benefit users who have Android smartphones that don’t have the Nougat 7.1 update which is only present on a handful of phones (Google’s Pixel and Nexus 6P/5X). iOS users who have the 10.2 update have had these emojis for a while now so from now on when you receive these emojis from them, they won’t appear as blanks on your messages.

If you want to see these changes, you can install the beta WhatsApp from APK Mirror.