Unicode Approved Google’s Emojis That Displayed People in Different Professions



You may think we have emojis of everything but it is surprising to notice that there are still gaps to be covered in this form of communication. This is why every year in June the Unicode Consortium releases the latest version of Unicode that includes the newest emojis that have been approved by the organization.

Back in May, Google had presented a bunch of emojis to the Unicode Consortium that displayed various male and female professions. These professions varied from agriculture to industry and the service industry too. Now Google has announced that the consortium has agreed to add these emojis which is good news!

In this update, the Unicode consortium, specifically the Emoji Subcommittee agreed to add 11 new professional emoji with all the various skin tones which according to Google is over 100 new emoji to choose from. It does not end there, there will be an additional male and female versions which will take the total count to 33 existing emoji in the pursuit of promoting gender equality.

This comes after Unicode Consortium approved and released the latest version of Unicode (version 9.0) which included 77 new emoji that ranged from the most requested ones like the bacon one, selfie and the avocado one. Twitter recently updated their emoji list with over 167 new emojis from which 72 were from the Unicode approved list that can be used on twitter.com.

The latest approved emojis made by Google and approved by Unicode should be expected to be released in the next version of Unicode which if it goes to plan, it will be released in June next year.


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