Google has proposed various emojis that show women in various professions



There are over 800 emojis and they represent a myriad of things from symbols to food to facial expressions. Although they seem many in the general sense, they are not exhaustive and that is why from time to time, we see new additions to the burgeoning roster.

Apparently a handful of Google employees presented a proposal to Unicode Consortium (the organization that approves characters like emojis) which involved a set of emojis that show various  women are involved in. The proposal aimed to implore the Unicode Consortium to add categories for careers like business, industry, mechanic, farming, food service, science, education and technology.
Proposed women emojis

“We propose the addition of 13 new female emoji and their male counterparts,” it says on the proposal, “we believe this number allows us to represent a wide variety of professions without introducing too much complexity to the implementation.”

Creation of the categories of the emojis involved looking at the sub categories that comprise the global GDP from primary, secondary and tertiary industries. Agriculture, Industry and Services were chosen respectively from the broad categories which was further broken down to other categories (global popularity, growth and overall representation).

The proposal put forward by Google may not be the final ones that will be eventually released as the standard on many keyboards out there. Unicode Consortium is yet to release Unicode 9.0.0 which includes other proposed symbols and are expected to announce it mid this year. However, if the proposal is tabled and debated on, you might be able to see these new emojis depicting women careers in the next Unicode release.



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