Emoji Stickers With An African Theme Are Available As An App



Emojis have become the norm in our daily lives and have transcended from being on virtual keyboards on smartphones to starring in their own movie, being used on the touch bar on the new Macbooks and even being voted as the word of the year.

There is already an extensive list of emojis that you can use currently and you probably use a small percentage of the total. However, people and organizations alike always come with suggestions to improve the current lineup like adding different skin tones for a better representation of the people or showing different occupations.

Although we have several types of emojis, they are still not representative of the various cultures we have in the world and this is what a company was aspiring to solve with Afro Stickers.

From the video, you can see they came up with the African themed emoji stickers based on the current classic reaction emojis. They range from the African man or woman in their traditional regalia to the current modern normalities like African currency. These are stickers and they are meant to be used on messaging apps.

Via Afro Stickers

The Afro Stickers are available on Apple’s App Store ( a paid app) where they say you will be able to use over 50 stickers on iMessage. It is not currently available on Android but on their website, they claim that Afro Stickers is coming ‘soon.’

This is kinda awesome we have companies and better still from our home soil that are coming up with ways to fill the divide on stuff like emojis that have a universal appeal. The next step could be the petition to add them to the emoji list which is to be updated this year on June.

SOURCE Afrostickers
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