Details About The Emoji Movie Have Been Revealed Including Its Plot And Release Date

We have reached peak Internet



Last year, we saw reports swirling around that there would be an emoji movie in the works which signified that we had reached peak Internet and anything is possible. It started with Sony winning the rights to produce the film and developments like Spotify being included in the film were reported.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, we can now see more information form the film like a photo from the film which shows 4 emojis in motion, a change in the name of the film and the people who have been cast to play the various characters.

The other bit of information that has been revealed which builds up on the general plot we got last time include a detailed view of the plot of the film. The film is set in a world within messaging apps called Textopolis (corny huh!) where emojis hope to be selected by the user. As expected, each emoji has only one facial expression except of one outlier Gene Miller, which is an emoji which skews on this rule where it exhibits multiple expressions. The star of the show and its friends travel around the various apps within the smartphone to find a code that would fix its flaw or they would face a danger to the world.

The plot sounds like any other generic animation out there and it would be interesting to see how it will perform on the silver screen. Oh, about the name…it was renamed to Emojimovie: Express Yourself and it will hit theatres on August 11th next year. There could be potential sequels to this if it becomes a box office hit and could spun other ideas like movies about memes.


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