This Lady Decided to Bring Emoji to Life Using Photography


Real life emojis People are obsessed with emoji, They are using them as passwords, in movies,  making programming languages out of them, using them in press releases and now in an interesting case, a lady by the name Liza Nelson decided she’ll recreate these emoji using real life objects by the power of photography.




I bet you’ve seen these emoji above and from her project, she used real life objects (except the poop emoji of course) to bring these emoji to life. When you log in to her beautifully designed website, these emoji inspired pictures are in the Emoji.IRL.LOL where you can view them in a slideshow format. Each picture has the emoji that it represents, well maybe for those people who don’t use emoji frequently. Apparently she chose to recreate images that had the most meaning to her, 17 in total out of the around 800 emoji we have currently.

She summarized how we use emoji on social media today to Mashable: “We think texting back and forth for hours with tiny pictures of poop and floppy disks and tongues is normal, like we’ve been doing this forever, and the crazy thing is, we truly are expressing incredibly real and raw emotions with these things.” Now from her project, the apparent nature of these “picture emojis” has an even bigger impact in this format.

I honestly don’t know what people will come up with next regarding the use of emoji and their use cannot be underestimated because people in the social media landscape use them to share various human feelings and mundane objects around them between each other. Check out the website below to see the images in their full glory.

Source: Liza Nelson