Twitter Updated with 167 New Emoji

via Emojipedia
via Emojipedia

Emojis are used extensively on social networks and of course Twitter supports them. Each year, we get to see new emojis being added to the latest Unicode release and this year, Twitter has updated its emoji support thanks to the latest Unicode release

According to Emojipedia, apparently Twitter has rolled out an update to its emoji list which is based on the latest Unicode release (9.0). The update includes 72 new emoji from Unicode 9.0 and a total of 167 new emojis. Some of the emojis that Twitter added include the clown face, drooling face, Rolling on the Floor Laughing face and the Nauseated face as shown below.

via Emojipedia

There were emojis that were requested highly to be added in the next Unicode release and since this update included that, we now see the likes of the avocado and bacon emojis. Can you spot them?

via Emojipedia
via Emojipedia

That is not all. Twitter also has added support for emojis with different skin tones which we have seen being done in messaging apps like Telegram or WhatsApp. Twitter has done that for the Shrug, Facepalm, Selfie and Man Dancing emojis.

Man dancing in various skin tones  via Emojipedia
Man dancing in various skin tones
via Emojipedia

Other changes to emojis include slight design changes to the bread, man in business suit levitating and the Japanese dolls emojis.

These new emojis will be displayed on and won’t show on the mobile apps since those use the emojis provided by their various vendors (Google, Apple, Microsoft). As you know, if you are using on desktop, there is no “emoji” button on your laptop keyboard so you may have to copy and paste this emojis to your tweets.

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