The most widely used emoji on Twitter for 2015 is not a surprise at all



Emojis have become part of pop culture and each year, they are added to the repository by the Unicode consortium. We have seen press releases written entirely in emoji, a programming language and also a rumoured emoji movie in the works.

It is not surprising in Twitter’s latest report that summarizes all the important events that have been documented in the social network the inclusion of the top emojis for 2015. Here are the most used emojis for 2015:











The Face of Tears of Joy emoji  as the most widely used emoji on Twitter is no surprise at all. We tend to show the expression of a hearty laugh by using the emoji and normally it is used in multiples. It has been a good year for the emoji since it was given the title as the word of the year by Oxford Dictionaries albeit technically it is not a word per se. There is also a dedicated site for tracking all the emojis that are used on Twitter and not surprising at all, the face of tears of joy emoji is still on top.

The list of top emojis on Twitter is not the only thing represented on the report. There is a tab for the most influential people on Twitter (One Direction band members), famous people who joined Twitter this year (like Edward Snowden) and the top trending topics for the year. 2015 was an eventful year and it will be interesting to watch all the events that will be documented on Twitter in next year’s report.