Surf Kenya Will Cover 20 Towns With More Hotspots by The End of the Year

They will add an additional 150 hotspots by the end of the year

surf kenya

surf kenya

Surf Kenya in conjunction with Facebook and Internet Solutions Kenya officially launched their Express Wi-Fi service in Kenya in March this year.

It involved a series of Wi-Fi hotspots in a town or a city where people can connect and access the Internet for cheap, which was an interesting take on providing Internet for the masses.

Initially, they had covered some towns around the country with over 100 hotspots. Now, they have revealed that they will deliver Internet in more than 1000 public areas by the end of the year across 20 towns in Kenya with its Wi-Fi hotspots.

As of today, they have 850 active hotspots, which means that they will add an extra 150 by the end of the year.

“Now everyone can stream more, connect more, learn more, play more and earn more income through doing business online,” Mark Summer, Surf’s CEO said. ” We are honoured to be working with Facebook, which powers Express Wi-Fi, and Internet Solutions, our service provider partner enabling us to expand so rapidly throughout the country.”

“We are thrilled to see the number of Express Wi-Fi hotspots and users grow through our partnership with Surf and Internet solutions Kenya,” Uche Ofodile, Regional Head of Africa, Express Wi-Fi by Facebook said.

This is good news for the country in general since more people will get access to an alternative route to browse the Internet. Kenya ranks rather well in the global stage based on its average broadband speeds and has made other countries like Australia take note.


  1. Problem is, they want to expand to other towns whey have only covered around 1% of Nairobi. Funny that their head office is kilometer from home but 5 years later since they started operations they are yet to cover our hood.

    Anyway wacha wa bahatishe tu kama Telkom.

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