Telegram Ver 4.5 Update: Personal Chats are Now ‘Saved Messages’, Albums, Better Search



Telegram has been my favourite messenger for the last few years and they keep adding new features from time to time. Today, they have announced quite a number of features and they are quite interesting.

Saved Messages

One of the best things about Telegram is the ability to “chat with oneself” where you can save links, photos or chats on a profile that has your name. Since Telegram is based on the cloud, you can access it between platforms and it is frankly great.

Well today, Telegram has decided to rename this private profile as Saved Messages and it makes sense. Telegram wants you to be saving your important messages in this renamed profile by quickly forwarding them to this profile. They want you to view it as your own personal cloud storage for any messages or media you may want to save it there.

Now each saved message has a go to button which will take you straight to where it was originally posted, which can be useful for tracking conversations.

Saved Messages will always be displayed at the top of the list in the sharing and forwarding menus too. This will make it easy for you to save stuff.


Starting with this update, when you send multiple photos or videos, they will be grouped into albums. Telegram says that these albums can include upto 10 photos or videos. Thanks to these update, the media that you sent will result into one notification instead of 10 for the recipient.

When you are sending photos, you can control the order in which photos are sent. Each photo will have a sequence number so that you can do this easily.

Better Search

Telegram Search is not the best thing in the world and it is good the company is changing that for the better. In the new update, they have upgraded the underlying algorithm which is used for finding public channels, groups and bots. You will now be able to search for such content by their titles and most popular items will always be displayed first.

Other features

  • Multiple Profile Photos: You can now view profile photos in album format which makes it easy for you to navigate. They are displayed as a carousel.
  • Pinned Messages in Channels: Channel admins will now be able to pin messages so that their subscribers can be notified about important announcements.
  • iPhone X support and a makeover on the Settings screen and context menu of the iOS app.
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