SYSPRO Kenya’s Branch to Focus on Custom ERP Solutions for Local Manufacturing Firms

[R] John Sergon, Acting CEO, ICT Authority


SYSPRO Africa made a local debut less than a week ago, and while it has been operating in Kenya for more than two decades, the announcement marked a new strategy where the company wants to be as close to its clients as possible.

The corporation, which has clients across the globe consists of highly skilled and responsive team of technology professionals who offer ERP services to clients by developing a system that fits into the needs of an organization. It meets its goals by learning the culture and vision of its clients. For instance, Cooper K-Brands Limited, a local-based company that was founded in 1906 to offer animal health solution started using SYSPRO systems 19 years ago. In that period, SYSPRO has tuned its solution to meet the demands of Cooper. A local office means that Cooper’s issues (among many others) will be resolved in a timely manner.

The company says that it has grasped the art of understanding functional and technical needs of an organization. Ideally, this means that SYSPRO Africa is well-versed with implementation and use of software in the culture, as well as vision of its customers. Also, it exercises communication and technical assistance, which will be at a better position especially in East Africa region thanks to the Nairobi office, and because it believes that reliable support is critical for close consumer/producer relationship.

Based on its vast pool of clients in Kenya (in manufacturing and distribution) such as KCB, ARMCOM, The Jomo Kenyatta Foundation and Basco Paints, to mention a few, it is apparent that ERP selection is centered on a long lasting purchase that offers these companies with confidence about SYSPRO’s commitment to clients.

Looking at the business models of the mentioned companies, it is clear that SYSPRO leverages its abilities to balance out the gains of each solution to see which customization works best. Since it has specialists who tailor every solution specific to the needs on manufacturing or distribution, SYSPRO Africa knows which systems are best for a company to become most profitable. Generally speaking, their approach focuses on customizability and ERP management that calls for processes modelling that require hands-on support. Its structured approach in selecting the most appropriate ERP solution is pegged on the dedication and cooperation of management and business leaders who understand the merits of SYSPRO, its tailored approach for implementation, and overall benefits of the software system.

That said, SYSPRO East Africa looks forward to securing more clients in Kenya alone (it has 39 customers and 4 partners at the moment) in a bid to elevate it footprint in East Africa.


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