Equitel New Offer Bundles Data, Voice and SMS into Three Modest Packages

Equitel bundle riziki cover

Equitel SIM cardEquity Bank has been offering mobile communication service for some time now. Its jump into this business was hastened by Kenya’s open market for Mobile Virtual Network Operators commonly referred to as MVNOs back in 2014.

Named Equitel, the service has made a name for itself by leveraging its parent company’s primary offering – banking solutions. Some of its subscribers, including yours truly, use Equitel for mobile money services, and seldom on calls, data and SMS. While the MVNO targets all aspects of a mobile service provider, it is undeniable that people tend to lean on mobile money solutions for obvious reasons – and the institution knows this preference based on its array of tools that are try to showcase its robustness in terms of bill payments, sending money to multiple platforms, to mention a few.

However, this does not mean that its approach to calls, SMS and data is ignored. In fact, I get several data deals every day via text, which I cannot embrace because I use another carrier for the same product.

Starting today, Equitel customers will benefit from a new service that will bundle data, voice and SMS into one package. Dubbed Data Plus, Jipimie Bundles and Ongea Bundles, these packages aim to offer more value to users who don’t want to restrictive services as the bundles are deductible based on the aforementioned uses.

If this sounds familiar, you are right. One of Kenya’s top operator has the same service that accomplishes the same goal, but with a different name.

In Equitel’s case, these bundles can be purchased on a daily, weekly or monthly. Quantity varies from 7 MBs to 8 GB depending on a user’s needs and budget.

“The bundles complement other mobile banking services available on the Equitel SIM card including Eazzy Loan, EazzyPay – Buy goods and services, EazzyPay – Pay bill, money transfer to all mobile wallets and banks. Mobile money transfer, loan and payments services that are available to Equitel’s 1.8 million subscribers,” reads a statement from Equitel.

We will update this post with a price list.