Neat Hack Enables you Redeem Safaricom Bonga Points During a Call


phonecallFor the average Kenyan (those not on Post-Paid), we’ve all experienced that one time you tried to place a call and got the automated, “You have insufficient balance to make this call…” response. Normally, you would disconnect the call, buy airtime from M-Pesa or go the primitive way of running to the shop and buying a scratch card then place the call again or if pride is no factor, you would just send a please call me.

Well, mother green has had a neat trick to help you place your call without having to go through the hustle of disconnecting to buy airtime. The process is rather simple and won’t cost you money unless you consider Bonga Points to be money:

  • Once you have dialed a number and realized that you don’t have airtime, don’t be quick to disconnect. Wait.
  • Listen to the voice prompts and the nice lady will ask if you wish to redeem your Bonga Points for airtime.
  • Follow the instructions and select the amount of Bonga Points you wish to redeem.
  • After the process is successful, your call will be connected automatically.

As simple as it is, the hack is quite useful. It saves you the hustle of having to disconnect from the call, get airtime and then reconnect the call and more importantly, we understand that it is January, so here’s a way to escape the embarrassment of having to admit that you don’t have airtime.

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