Kenyan Startup Wins 2018 African Startup of The Year Africa in Morocco

kenyan startup wins africa startup of the year 2018

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Over the last few years, we have seen a number of startups that have been started locally and in the region and competitions that have given these startups a platform to be noticed for their product.

Startup info had a Startup of the Year 2018 competition in Casablanca, Morocco last month and they have announced the winners of the event. Apparently more than 600 startups from 52 different countries took part in the competition where 12,000 online votes were gathered. A Kenyan startup took the main prize which is the African startup for the year.

HydroIQ is the Kenyan startup that won the coveted prize and it was founded by Brian Bosire and Victor Shikoli. They are in the business of making water distribution intelligent using technologies like GPS and the Internet to monitor existing water supply systems and offer automatic mobile billing.

Thanks to them winning the award, they will get 10,000 Euros in Cash and a 10,000 Euro Visibility pack offered by

There were other winners in the competition which included a PwC Jury Choice Award to Priyo from South Africa, Public Choice Award to Ecodome, Agritech Special Prize to Grace Agricole De Cote D’Ivoire, Engie Special Prize Startup of the Year to Peachwater Consulting from Nigeria, Finance Innovation Fintech Destination Africa Award to SEMOA, Community Manager of the Year  to Project Alpha – Madagascar and Africa diaspora startup of the year award.


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