Kenya’s BitPesa Takes its Blockchain-based Payments Business to Ghana


BitPesaBitPesa, a Nairobi-based firm that created a platform for blockchain payments and digital exchanges has been actively growing its business for the past couple of years.

Today’s announcement is marked by the launch of its operation in Ghana. The West African state will be part of BitPesa’s ever-increasing markets that also include Nigeria, Senegal, Uganda, Tanzania, DRC and the U.K.

This development goes in line with the firm’s dedication in spurring intra-Africa by creating channels that increase the ease and speed of doing business in its markets.

Ghanaians will benefit from the addition of new currency pairs that will allow them make GHS payments that settle in more than ten currencies, including NGR, UGX and ZAR. At the same time, the launch aims to lower the cost of payments with trading partners such as Nigeria, which is also a critical base for BitPesa.

Functionally, BitPesa helps business make B2B payments in multiple currencies across its operational stations. The launch means Ghana nationals can buy and sell bitcoins online, and so will businesses that need to make payments to mobile accounts in Ghana.

“We are constantly looking for ways to promote intra-African trade, so we’re very excited about our services in Ghana.  Ghanaians should be allowed to make global payments using their own currency and we are excited to facilitate this. We will continue to improve service offerings, compliance, and value for our new Ghanaian customers,” remarks Elizabeth Rossiello, CEO, BitPesa.

A couple of week ago, BitPesa made its first acquisition by buying TransFerZero, a Spanish online money transfers platform in a series of activities that aim to heighten its money transfer business.