Uber Driver Stairs

Uber Driver StairsIn an effort to stay fit and healthy, we have heard of the advice that you should use the stairs and avoid escalators and elevators whenever possible. Well, one Uber driver in San Francisco found himself in an unexplainable situation when he drove his car down a flight of stairs instead of the road.

I kid you not, the incident happened at Safeway parking lot at a busy intersection of Church and Market streets in San Francisco. There are reports that this particular parking lot is hard to navigate around and find your way out but going for the stairs, really?

The Uber driver alleges that he was directed down the flight of stairs by his navigation system inbuilt within the Uber application [yes, blame the app that can’t defend itself]. While it may be seen as irresponsible of the driver to drive down a flight of stair because an app said so, back in 2016, a woman in Tobermory, Ontario drove down a boat ramp and into Lake Huron because her GPS navigation system directed her down there, however, her case was different, it was late at night and it was foggy.

Back to our stairs over road driver, Uber has confirmed that indeed was using their app when the incident occurred but didn’t comment on why the app would have a preference for stairs over tarmac road. The driver said he was on his way to pick up a third passenger to add to the two he already had on board during his Uber Pool ride. Luckily no one was hurt but this goes down as the healthiest Uber ride yet.